The Temple of the Free Sea


Formed in first years after death of Sea God, Temple was created as a spiritual refuge for people during hard period of realization of what they have done. Priests managed to direct peoples fear and guilt into anger against Hronos and his kin, blaming for bringing God’s wrath on their heads. Leading most of expeditions from Horougrim Temple held in hands hopes of those who wanted to return.

Although at first power of the Temple was comparable to Hronos himself it quickly fade when there was no-one left to blame. Leaders had to find a new way to control people’s hearts. In time water resided, leaving highest peaks of the Old World finally open for long lost children to return. Humans and others rushed to promised land, hoping to restore life to how it was before, but new world was different. Unwelcoming to those who grew on Horougrim for generations, but through hard work, paying with blood and sweat for every meter of shore, humans, at last, returned home.

Settlements formed. Marakin first, then Lone Harbor and others. With it trade emerged. With great inequality of resource distribution among islands it was crucial to transport enough in time. Food, metal, bones, skin of sea beasts. All of it became life and bread to numerous brave adventurers. Monsters, horrific beings from deep waters, as well as other humans posed a great threat to anyone sailing seas. And at that time Temple of the Free Sea emerged again from the edge of oblivion. Teaching everyone of high trials that Free Sea provides, Temple started to gather brave, able captains from all archipelago. Achieving first organized trade monopoly in the New World temple held the power again.

Marakin became their main base of operations and although in later years focus shifted to Takoon, Marakin still stands as heart of Temple’s influence. Today the Temple of the Free Sea has lost its monopoly, but continues to be the biggest trade organization i known world.


Not much is known about teachings of priests in the time of Horougrim, but today every preacher is telling about choice all man must make: rule the sea or be ruled by it. Free from control of the Sea God, ocean became wild, unpredictable. Temple believes, that Free Sea is worldly form of the greatest trial. Only those who can pass it are worthy of having any kind of power here and everyone else are supposed to be ruled by chosen few.

Presence in the world

Temple has its headquarters located in Takoon. Although with varying strength, it managed to reach almost every big city by its trade routes. Trade ships, that belong to organization travel in every corner of archipelago and are almost always protected by escort. Due to managing enormous amounts of goods and being the richest organization, Temple has considerable influence in political sphere too. It is known to ignite intercity wars and raids as a way to manipulate costumers and fight opponents.


As any trade organization, Temple is focusing on amassing power and influence to increase well-being of its leaders and members. But it has also sponsored numerous expeditions in search of new lands, opened The School of Free Will in Takoon and is leading scientific researches in the fields of propulsion, navigation, weaponry and medicine.

The Temple of the Free Sea

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