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Welcome to the water of the Free Sea!

The storm is coming!

The seas are never safe for weak, but for those who are strong, those who can take what they want from the gods themselves will be rewarded by waters beyond any imagination! Lost artifacts of the Ancient World await for those who are not afraid to take a deep dive into the darkness. Whatever is it one wishes for, be it money, glory, power or knowledge he will satisfy that desire to the fullest.

But big change is upon the New World. Endless turmoil on shores and constant fight on seas may soon reach breaking point, rumors of strange behavior concerning spirits are heard more and more often. What is awaiting for humans and other beings? What kind of new shocking discoveries will strike this new young world?

Take a look at:

  • Characters: heroes of the story, all those whom they met during travels, famous personalities and others.
  • Adventure log: story of our heroes so far.

Main Page

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