Fey's Kiss

Fey’s Kiss, also known as imp’s stool in the Neither village in some other places is a relatively rare mushroom that is mostly seen on Butterfly island. It has a lot of applications that depend on the way you cook it.

Using Fey’s Kiss


Most common use is to make nutritious food out of just a fistful of these mushrooms. When cooking Fey’s Kiss one needs to be extremely careful, because if prepared not according to procedure it is known to cause excruciating pain for hours and even death. Most rangers agree that one should not touch this mushroom unless in dire circumstances. If, by ill fate or other reason you still find yourself in situation when you need to eat it, you should first and foremost carefully remove stem and throw it away. Be delicate, for if juice from stem will touch any minor wound on your body you will feel blinding pain for minimum of ten minutes. After removing the stem you have to cut pileus in small pieces and immediately throw it into boiling water. If you don’t manage to get freshly cut pileus into boiling water in ten seconds it will become unchewable after you cook it. Boil it for 30 minutes and add a little of sea water to negate some dormitive effect. And here you go, great dinner is ready!

Cure from Merman’s curse

Antony Grum has created a cure for Merman’s Curse during it’s breakout in Neither village. Although he suffered side effects of early versions of the cure, he managed to improve formula later.

The cure has two main components: Fey’s Kiss and grape vines extract. First, you have to mix mashed grape vines with fresh water (1:1 volume ratio) and let it boil. Then add sliced Fey’s Kiss and sea water, keep it for one hour with water temperature of 90°. Filter all liquid, give one spoon of it to patient every two hours with large amounts of water.

Fey's Kiss

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