Cade Pipe

Cade Pipe is a 19 year old 1 meter tall midget. His middle long dark brown hair is held together with to braids. Facial hair is present in the form of a slik goatee and dito moustache à la Lenin. Though a deep stare in his eyes could potentially convince you that he is best mate with God himself, his nose literally get in the way. Longer than normal and a bit odd in shape due to two or three (or four, depending on the amounts of mead consumed) fractures, his nose is rather hideous. Though the origins of his broken nose is both untold and unknown, the story behind the scar over his left eye is remarkebly consistent: “Barfight”.

Cade is not a person of high moral standards. Though not inherently evil, and willing to help out his friends and allies, his goal is paramount. He values his life more than anything else and morals will only get in the way. Cade is someone who has learned to survive in the streets of many cities, some of the decisions he made to ensure his survival have a questionable legality.

Due to his small size Cade can blend in easily in crowds. This makes it ideal for him to pickpocket, or kill, unaware victims. For close combat Cade relies on his trusty short-sword and daggers, while for the longer distances his short-bow has proved to be very helpfull on more than several occasions.

Having found once more an authority that wishes to see him dead, Cade and some newly made companions and potential allies have fled to the north. To the far north, where he hopes to find a safe and secure life, though he is all to aware that he himself would be the first to ruin that life.

Both Cade’s troubled past and his questionable morals can be heard in his tongue.
“Fokkin’ twat.” “Fock off.” “Ya want me ta cot yer bolls off don’t ya?” “You’ effin’ a fokking laff!”

Cade Pipe

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