Antony Grum

A pharmacist from Neither village.



Pale, always sick looking, fragile, Antony is by no means strong man. Approximately 5’6’’ high, with dark greasy hair. Through small round glaces sitting on thin nose you can see his red, tired eyes. Twitchy movements and shaking hands makes you question his adequacy as pharmacist at all. He is known for frequent mood changes and sometimes aggressive behavior, which he explains by lack of sleep.

Hero of Neither

Not so long ago a small village Neither was hit by strange disease. Villagers called it the Merman Curse. A lot of people died because of it and everyone began to loose hope, for no doctor knew how to treat this illness. And then, out of nowhere, local pharmacist came out, claiming that he found a cure in common mushroom. In just a week village was saved and since then Antony is celebrated as hero of Neither.

Antony Grum

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