Dawn over the Free Sea

A long week at the sea

Short adventure on the way to Lone Harbor


It took less than a day for our heroes to gather everything they needed, put it on the ship and get going. I would say, it is not surprising, considering all circumstances. For the next week lives of the four, Bob and the captain were bound to the Scrag- small, slow but sturdy ship.

Uncharted Island

After first day on the sea Antony realized, that none of his passengers had any considerable experience in sailing a ship, which would cause, in case of extreme weather, serious problems. But at that time everything looked peaceful. Later that day it changed. Silvur, who was assigned to he position of lookout, had noticed a column of smoke near horizon. It was a common signal for help, someone crashed and now need rescue. After short discussion the group decided to check what happened there. It took less than a day to get to that island. Nonexistent on any of the maps they had, it stood there, covered in jungles, washed by the Free Sea, another proof of freedom for everyone strong enough to grab it.

They landed right near the place, where the shipwreck was. Medium sized ship, fully dragged on shore, with giant hole in the hull. After quick exploring of surroundings they found the only survivor of the wreck sleeping inside the hull and body of another one laying beside. Both of them look highly dehydrated, exhausted. With quick thinking Cade slit the throat of the survivor, ending his misery. For a moment all of Cade’s companions could not understand, what’s happened, but immediately after Olaf drew his weapon, screaming at Cade: “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!! I WILL KILL YOU RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW IF YOU DON’T EXPLAIN!!”. But Cade just shrug his shoulders and said: “He would become a burden.” Nobody knows, what would happen next if not for Olaf’s self-control and a little effort of Silvur. Was that a common difference in views on the life or will it become a seed of future conflicts is unknown, for now with noone to tell the tale of what happened there, our heroes had to find other clues.

In the same ship, on the captains table, they found it in the form of captains log. In it was written how this ship, Nimrod, traveled from Papua to Lone harbor when lookout saw distress signals from uncharted island. They have traveled here and sent a search party to find anyone living there and may be the source for fresh water. Over the night though, while everyone was asleep, something moved Nimrod to the shore and holed the hull. Search party never returned. That was all Olaf and others learned from the log and, after short discussion, they decided to get away from this island as fast as they could.

Any secrets, any dangers, alongside with treasures, hidden on that island were left there, awaiting for someone to uncover them.

The storm

As Scrag traveled forward to its destination it became more and more obvious, that storm was coming. Hour after hour Antony look worse and when the storm hit Zosya found pharmacist laying unconscious near the helm. They quickly brought Antony below the deck, tied him up and rushed to fight crazy weather. During those few hours Cade had proved to everyone that even though he is small in size, but not in spirit. Wildly spinning with, but not letting of the helm, Cade managed to steer them out of the storm. May be that crazed midget was the one who saved all of them from immanent death, or may be Free Sea still have plans for these mortals, in any case the Scrag continued its way forward.

Angry spirits

Mocking brave seamen, after storm came calm. All wind died out, as it has used all its force on the storm. During these days, having nothing to do, Antony and others spent their time fishing, playing dice and repairing the ship. Olaf was teaching Bob to read and write, but it turned out, that Olaf was.. not the best teacher. Cade was fishing, hoping to catch something to eat for dinner, when his fishing rod was pulled out of his hands and from mirror-like water strange creatures appeared. Lower body of the large octopus and torso of humanoid with gray skin, a dozen of them started climbing on the ship. Coral blades in every hand, red mist in their eyes, they were here to kill. Fight broke out. Cade screamed and started to fight off the attackers and in few seconds was joined by his friends. Monsters, which were recognized by Zosya as spirits of water, were quick, but weak. Slashing them left and right our heroes almost missed the moment, when giant spirit got on the boat. It garbed Cade, Olaf and Zosya and almost bit their heads off. Only combined effort of all five heroes led to victory and luckily nobody got any serious wound.

Later some time, after long care, Antony woke up and finally confessed, that he is drug addict. At the times, when Neither village was plagued with Merman’s Curse he had to test drugs on himself, but it turned out, that early versions of the cure had addictive side effect. He was deeply sorry for putting everyone in danger and promised to fight this addiction.

Lone Harbor

One more day of travels and Scrag finally reached its destination – Lone Harbor – port city on the edge of Butterfly Island, home for many brave explorers and one of the most free cities on the archipelago.

There, in search of money to pay for food and living, and also to get more information about actions of the Temple of the Free Sea, Olaf, Zosya, Cade and Silvur took a job from the Temple. They were supposed to protect a search party, sent to investigate what happened at old western guard tower – an outpost for Temple.


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